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We at Leaders Title, LLC know that asset protection is critical to an investor's success. High sales volumes of distressed properties and foreclosures can leave some investors wondering if title insurance is worth the time and expense. Without title insurance, investors leave themselves wide open for certain mistakes, which happen all too frequently with foreclosures rendering contracts invalid. Fraud, documentation errors, former judgments and liens can also come back to haunt investors. Rest easy with an extensive title search from Leaders Title, LLC.

Here at Leaders Title, LLC, we understand the hectic agenda many investors face each day. We lighten the load by conducting thorough title searches for commercial, residential, mixed-use and residential properties. We also issue title insurance and perform closings that conveniently mesh with our clients' schedules. Any savvy investor knows time is money. Our forte is working diligently to ensure all documentation is completed and submitted before due dates.

Leaders Title, LLC can close the following types of transactions:

  • Hard money loans
  • Flips and quick turns
  • Short sales
  • REOs
  • Tenant-in-common (TIC) deals
  • Pre-foreclosures
  • Land sale contracts
  • Properties financed or carried by owners
  • 1031 exchanges

Ask about our multiple closing discount and see how Leaders Title, LLC saves investors even more money!